Spring Empowerment Conference… get stoked and get gutsy!

Hey graduate women, it’s been a while. Our entire executive board turned over last month, and during our transition we’ve been coming up with some awesome new ideas for GW@MIT and for our Spring Empowerment Conference. Conference planning and website design are currently underway, but here is a little teaser so that you can get excited and tell all of your friends. 

The theme of this year’s Spring Empowerment Conference is Be Gutsy.Do you have guts? Do you know someone who has guts? Come share your ideas at our next conference planning meeting taking place Next Tuesday, March 22 at 10:00am in the Stata Cafe.  We’re still looking for event leads!! http://followersguru.net/

The reason that we’ve decided to go with the theme Be Gutsy is because of our opening keynote speaker who we’re extremely excited about, Caroline Paul. She is the author of the recent New York Times Bestselling book The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure.  Not only that, she was one of San Francisco’s first female firefighters, performed rescue missions that involved parachuting and scuba diving, and was an olympic-level ice luger. She’s all-around a total badass. She’s got guts. http://followersguru.net/buy-instagram-likes/

Other amazing events on our agenda include an all-female comedy night, inner empowerment through yoga and meditation, and lots more. Excited? We are. Hope to see you there. Stay tuned for the conference website, and stay gutsy. 

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