Empowerment Conference

The Empowerment Conference, started spring 2010, seeks to provide resources for and promote discussion of issues relevant to the life choices of graduate women. The planning committee comprises women from across MIT departments and invites speakers that are role models for graduate women and/or experts on how to become those role models.

Events have included a lecture on implicit bias, a workshop on communication and negotiation skills, a talk on high performance work-life balance, a panel of “power couples,” and a panel on modern feminism.

Get Involved

We assemble a fresh planning committee each January for the following semester.

If interested, contact gwamit-exec@mit.edu.

Current Conference

Fall 2018

Past Conferences

Spring 2017
Spring 2016
Spring 2015
Spring 2014
Spring 2013
Spring 2012
Spring 2011
Spring 2010